Wednesday, June 15, 2011



  1. Zac, your bike looked awesome - nice style. You do nice work. Hope you got it going like you want. Had a lot of people ask me who's that was after seeing us over there.
    It's Zac, white shades . . . oh yeah??? Cool.

  2. it's running killer now,blew a wafer bearing but thats fixed now. yer spark plug index trick is the coolest thing i've learned in awhile. thanks noot!

  3. Zac , it was cool meetin up on the streets of Iowa and followin you guys to the Kung Fu / Dice party , killer party killer people ,killer shovel!! the charging system took a shit 40 mi. south of des moine but made it back to the Lou, with a brief stop to charge the batt. in Pella Iowa